Friday, January 30, 2009



Story of the Sea (CD Release), These Modern Socks, The Life and Times and Ice Palace @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Economy Team, Marvelle, The Van GoBots and Ten Ton Bridge @ Hexagon, zero bucks, 9:00.

Casanatra, Self Evident, The Rockford Mules and Fe-rah'go @ Triple Rock, 6 bucks, 9:00.

Idle Hands, Strange Lights and Boom Booms for Everyone @ Nomad.

A Night in the Box, A Parlour Suite, Murzik and Joey Ryan and the Inks @ Kitty Cat Klub, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Tim Casey and the Martyrs, Grey Skies, Bob Rue and the Distractions and The Beatifics (acoustic) @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

E.L.nO. @ Lee's Liquor Lounge, 6 bucks, 9:00.

10w40, Richard James & the Special Riders and The Deadwoods @ Terminal Bar, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Quilombolas, Maria Isa, Skaliticians, El Guante and See More Perspective @ 7th St Entry, 6 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

Thursday, January 29, 2009




International Espionage, Action Vs Action, The Hasbeen and The Softrocks @ 7th St Entry, 6 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Black Audience @ Red Stag, zero bucks, 10:00.

Mines, Switzerlind, Command Module and Dada Trash Collage @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Andy Elwell, Camel of the Sea and Nallo @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Fly Rich, The Sam Planet Group and Northern Cargo @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Big Head Todd & The Monsters and Joan Jones @ First Avenue, 23/25 bucks, 6:00. (18+) I checked; Big Head Todd does actually have a Big Head. Caliper measurements have not confirmed, but look. Big.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Inauguration Celebration with A Night In The Box, M.Anifest and DJ Danny Sigelman @ 7th St Entry, 5 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Inauguration Celebration with Grey Skies, Ice Volt, Manimal Quartet, Monsters of Pot and Moon Maan @ Eclipse Records, 5 bucks, 7:00. (AA)

Annuals, Jessica La Mayfield and What Laura Says @ Varsity Theater, 10/12 bucks, 7:00.

Iced Ink, Ronnie Lake and Laundromat Vacation @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Friday, January 16, 2009




Solid Gold, Lookbook and DJ Gigamesh @ Turf Club, 5/7 bucks, 9:00. Solid Gold are big in Iceland. Lookbook is big in my heart.

Kruddler, Shotgun Daisy (CD Release), The Red Flags and The Suits @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Kid Dakota, Elfi Snow (CD Release) and Rob the Carpenter @ Lee's Liquor Lounge, 6 bucks, 9:00.

The Yoleus, Burnsville City Limits, Rhythmaplex Project and Power of 2 @ Big V's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

The Wailers and Tomorrow's Bad Seeds @ First Avenue, 18/20 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Mercurial Rage, First Communion Afterparty, Basement Apartment and DJ Christian Fritz/DJ T. Ritter @ Kitty Cat Klub, 5 bucks.

Franz Nicolay and The God Damn Doo Wop Band @ Triple Rock, 10 bucks, 9:00.

Maria Isa, Mayda and Daniel Heavens @ Uptown Bar, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Bitchalittle, Bitch City and The Co-Religionists and the Fudaments @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Beatrix Jar @ Cafe Maude, zero bucks, 9:00.

The Melismatics, The Invincible Kids and Ghost In The Water @ 7th St Entry, 6 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

Black Blondie, Crunk Monster, Meta and Billy Johnson @ Nomad World Pub.


Laura Kennedy Benefit with Bush Tetras, The Suicide Commandos and Skoal Kodiak @ Nick and Eddie, 25/35 bucks, 9:00.

Little Man, Kruddler, Dan Israel and the Cultivators @ Turf Club, 9:00.

The Spirit of '76 (CD Release), The Softrocks, The Nina The Pinta and Farewell Continental @ Triple Rock, 10 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

Pretty Boy Thorson, The Measure, Banner Pilot and The Gateway District @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

The Mighty Mofos, The Floorshakers, Uberscenester @ Big V's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Charlie Parr and Johnson Family Band @ Lee's Liquor Lounge, 6 bucks, 9:00.

REPO, The Bloody Turncoats and Laundromat Vacation @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Rotting Christ and Manic Ritual @ 7th St Entry, 16/18 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

These Modern Socks, I, Colossus, The New Monarchs and Tentacle Boy @ Uptown Bar, 6 bucks, 9:00.

Tough Tough Skin, Yuckies and This Again @ Eclipse Records, 7:00. (AA)


Max Edwards, Chrystal Odin, Beat a Dead Horse and Crack in the Damn @ Turf Club, 9:00.

2 Years Dumber: Chuck and Sean's Triviaversary @ 331 Club, zero bucks, 8:00.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Are you not Minnesotans? Okay, our tracker tells me some of you are Texans and New Yorkers and gosh today even a Kiwi. But that said, are you not mostly Minnesotans? Brave this weather - come on, it's not even that windy, have you ever been on the Plains in a snowstorm? - and get out tonight.

Radio K Presents First Avenue's Best New Bands of 2008 with Bouncer Fighter, Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps, The Dynamiters, Kristoff Krane, Lookbook, Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles and Yer Kronies @ First Avenue, 7 bucks, 7:00. (18+) Note, this is not the actual reverse order. I do not know the actual reverse order. I do my best.

Cursive, Ladyfinger and Story of the Sea @ Triple Rock, 12 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

The Anonymus, The Grande Machine and Texatonka @ Turf Club, 9:00.

The Fundament, The Permatempts and Zion @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Minneapolis Dub Ensemble @ Kitty Cat Klub.

KFAI House Party Presents Kristen Solberg and Suede Baby (CD Release) and The Beguine Bros Old Time Country and Western Revue, Ltd. @ 331 Club, zero bucks, 9:30.



Run at the Dog, Steve Sullivan Band + The Factory and Green Sweater Society @ Turf Club, 9:00. My friend and neighbor is in one of those bands. Once his dad got drunk on Canadian beer and kissed me after Easter dinner. Or maybe it was Thanksgiving. Or maybe it was Australian. Eh, minutiae.

James Buckley Trio @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Triple Double with DJs Mike the 2600 King, Espada and a feller named Paddy who will also be celebrating his birthday @ Triple Rock, zero bucks, 9:00.

Acoustic Death Orchestra, Ben Cook-Feltz and Poosa @ Lee's Liquor Lounge, zero bucks, 9:00.

Nightmare-Man, Kevin Long and The Barony @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Tuesday Punk Night @ the Hex, zero bucks, 9:00.

The Greazy Biscuits @ Washington Square Bar and Grill (in White Bear Lake). Because one greasy with a z band was just not enough for these twin cities.

Tuesday is also a good night for karaoke. Grumpy's Schooner U Otter. I hope to serenade a friend with a spot-on rendition of Ramblin' Gamblin' Man. Or perhaps a really bad version of Misty Mountain Hop. Or maybe a really bad rendition of Ramblin' Gamblin' Man. Or perhaps an impeccable version of Rosanna. Eh, minutiae.

Saturday, January 10, 2009



Kristoff Krane, Big Quarters and No Bird Sing @ The Depot Coffeehouse (in Hopkins), 5 bucks, open mic at 6:30, show at 7:00. (AA)

Jeremy Messersmith, Best Friends Forever and Caroline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps @ 7th St Entry, 8/10 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

Aviette, Zibra Zibra, Welcome to the Cinema @ Turf Club, 9:00.

The Invincible Kids, Landspeeder and Poosa @ Nomad, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Fuck Knights, Victory Ship and Me & My Arrow @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Emerson Lake and Lyndale, Red Label and Nice Work Leroy @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Høst, Desolate Void, Ambassador Gun, Vernal Pool and Said the Shotgun to the Head (now that's a name) @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Dumpster Juice, Age of Ascension and Promaeta @ Uptown Bar, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Nailed Shut, Mors Mortis Machinatio and Daigoro @ Triple Rock, 5 bucks, 9:00.