Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday 4/29/09

Lookbook (with d&b, no, for real d&b! d&d&b even! Ryan Olcott and Joe Johnson on drums, Jon Davis on bass), Ghostband, Radar Threat and Overthruster @ Turf Club, 4 bucks, 9:00.

Mastodon, Kylesa and Intronaut @ Fine Line Music Cafe, 20 bucks, 6:30. (18+) SOLD OUT

Horse Feathers, Joe Pug and Claire Taubenhaus @ 7th St Entry, 6 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

We Are Awesome, The Quince and The Arms Akimbo @ Uptown Bar, free, 9:00.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Happy New Kids on the Block Day circa 1989 Boston. Seriously. I remember this shit.

Good stuff tonight. Friday. 4/24/09.

Awwwwwfuckyeah Jucifer! and Gay Witch Abortion and The Dirty Hits @ Big V's, 6 bucks, 9:00.

Daughters of the Sun (AA release), The Blind Shake, Sarah Johnson, Mute Era and Haunted House @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, 30 bucks, 5:00.

Classics of Love (be still my 13-year-old heart, that's ex- OpIvy), Mike Park and The Evening Rig @ Triple Rock, 10 bucks, 5:00. (AA)

The Life and Times, Story of the Sea and The Central Division @ Triple Rock, 10 bucks, 10:00. (18+)

More good stuff tomorrow night, too! Saturday 4/25/09.

Me and My Arrow (EP release), Economy Team, Speed's the Name and Wishbook @ Turf Club, 5 bucks, 9:00. I'll be there with 8hz Movement selling t-shirts and original art from posters made by members of The Guystorm, Old James and Economy Team. Super neat.

Daughters of the Sun (release show), Vampire Hands and Leisure Birds @ Hexagon, free, 9:00.

The Night Marchers, The Dynamiters and Red Pens @ Triple Rock, 11 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

Albino pheasant says have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 9, 2009



Ya dig?


Kill the Vultures (CD Release), Mel Gibson and the Pants, Mike Mictlan and Mike the 2600 King @ Triple Rock, 8 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

Speed's the Name, Beat Strings, Indigo and Clawthroat @ Nomad, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Nightinghales (CD Release), Bluebird, Zoo Animal and Black Audience @ Hexagon Bar, free, 9:00.

Chibalo and The Book of Right On @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Halloween, Alaska (CD Release), Chris Koza and Aby Wolf @ First Avenue, 8/10 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Acid Mothers Temple and Sonic Suicide Squad @ 7th St Entry, 10 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

The Brutes, The Takeover UK, Gliss, Empire Garrison and Action Vs Action @ Uptown Bar, 5 bucks, 9:00.


Stardeath and White Dwarfs and A Whisper in the Noise @ Turf Club, 8 bucks, 9:00.

Laundromat Vacation, The Yoleus and Samwell Rowan @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo, State and Madison and The Invincible Kids @ 7th St Entry, 6 bucks, 4:30. (AA)

Lily Allen and Natalie Portman's Shaved Head @ First Avenue, 25 bucks, 7:00. (18+)

Young Brides, Hot Panda and We Became Actors @ Uptown Bar, 5 bucks, 9:00.


Mt St Helen's Vietnam Band, His Mischief and Mines @ 7th St Entry, 7 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Richard Buckner and Martin Devaney @ Turf Club, 12 bucks, 9:00.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Psychedelic Horseshit and France Has the Bomb @ 7th St Entry, 8/10 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

RIPS, Slapping Purses, Blank Dogs and White Mice @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Burning Star Core, Paul Metzger, Wasteland Jazz Unit and Visions of Christ @ Big V's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Paul Daugherty Trio and Brasstronaut @ Uptown Bar, free, 9:00.