Thursday, October 30, 2008



Dropsonic, Self-Evident, Seymour Saves the World andSlepping in Gethsemane @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Mystery Palace and Lookbook @ that place where they make you want to smoke cigarettes (Brin Building, Camel Loft), zero bucks, 7:30.

International Espionage, The Slats, Kill to Kill and Middlepicker @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Strut & Shock, Military Special, Now, Now Every Children and Miss Georgia Peach @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Little Brazil, Toma the 3rd and The Screens @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Jenny Dalton, Aviette and Boom Booms for Everyone @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Yeasayer and Chairlift @ Triple Rock, 16 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

The Acorn, The Shaky Hands and Ohbijou @ 7th St. Entry, 8 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gastro Non Grata Sunday Nov. 9th 6-9

We live in a pre-packaged world of top 40 no-talent hacks on the radio, Polo shirt chain restaurants run by Sysco trucks championing the cheapest radiated meat available and washing it all down with frat boy macro-beers with no flavor that aren't even American owned.

I believe we have the answer.

Welcome to Gastro Non Grata.

Gastro Non Grata is a local chef, booze and music show created by Craig Drehmel and Jeff Mitchell. It happens four times a year at the Triple Rock Social Club. Explaining the whole idea can be tricky, but we'll start with our next show, November 9th from 6-9pm.

The music of Eclectone Record's Hojas Rojas kicks things off, then Chris Staples and Aran Madden of Furthermore Beer are going to pour samples and expound upon the virtues of their small Wisconsin Brewery. Chef Mike Phillips of The Craftsman Restaurant will then grind, case and grill sausage to be eaten later by the audience. We raffle off a few hunks of animal and then folk-rock sensation Tuesday's Robot hits the stage and works the crowd into a well-meaning frenzy.

By the time Tuesday's Robot is done, we're eating sausage and drinking more Furthermore beer. We raffle some more meat and then The Wapsipinicon, a new band featuring members of Cloud Cult and Skirt takes the stage. Post-Wapsipinicon, we're drinking and eating some more. Then City Pages Picked to Click band Private Dancer takes the stage to classic rock your faces off. To end it, Andrew of Kopplin's Coffee in St. Paul is going to teach the audience a little bit about coffee and sober us all up for the ride home.

The best part about all of this is that it is free to anyone over 21 years old. We're bringing the three great worlds of food, music and booze together and we would love some help getting the word out.

Your support is very appreciated

Craig and Jeff



Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band, All Smiles and Matt Focht Band @ First Ave, 24 bucks, 7:30. (18+) Also playing free show at 2:30, Loring Pasta Bar in Dinkytown, in support of Obama Campaign for Change. Attendees required to register for two GOTV shifts.

Dressy Bessy @ Turf Club, 9:00.

The Alternate Routes and Rhinestone Diplomats @ 7th St. Entry, 8/10 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Run Run Run and Revolver Modele @ Triple Rock, 8 bucks, 9:00.

The River City Rebels, Spacewolf and 1090 Club @ Uptown bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Starfucker, The Alpha Centauri and Ghost in the Water @ 7th St. Entry, 8 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

FoodTeam Trio @ Kitty Cat Klub.

World Series, rained out.

Economy Bad, stay home?

Fire Pit featuring Duraflame Firelog @ my house, $.50 PBRs, 9:00.

Monday, October 27, 2008



The Sword and Zebulon Pike @ Triple Rock, 12 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

Magnetic Morning, The Life and Times and Story of the Sea @ 7th St. Entry, 8/10 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Jazz Implosion in the Clown Lounge @ Turf Club, 5 bucks, 10:00.

Method Man & Redman with Termanology and Evidence & Alchemist @ First Ave, 22 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Matthew Sweet and The Bridges @ First Avenue, 20 bucks, 7:00. (18+) My favorite Guitar Hero song is Girlfriend and I usually play it with my pants down. The first part has always been my little secret. The second part, not so much. Ask anyone.

The Little Ones and Love in October @ 7th Street Entry, 8 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Reloaded Wednesdays with Toki Wright, Media Addicts, El Guante and DJ Anton @ Turf Club, 4 bucks, 9:00.

KFAI House Party Presents Eric Sommer (7:00) followed by Beguine Bros Old Time Country and Western Revue, Ltd (9:30) @ 331 Club, zero bucks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Jennifer O'Connor, Communist Daughter and The Western Fifth @ 7th Street Entry, 8 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Lozen, The Repulsors and Disasteratti @ Turf Club.

Combat Astronomy, Ghostband and Kevin Long @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

TV on the Radio and The Dirtbombs @ First Avenue, 20 bucks, 6:00. (AA) Indulge me while I briefly editorialize: I despise TV on the Radio.

Framework (feat. Chris Olson, Chris Bates and Jay Epstein) @ Kitty Cat Klub.

OH! And NKOTB is playing at the Xcel, with Natasha Bedingfield. The economy is bad. Keep your money. Or donate to a Senate campaign. Don't go to concerts like this. Or do whatever you want. I don't care. Just don't go to TV on the Radio. Seriously, they're bad. But really, do what you want. $37.50-$77.50, 8:00. (AA - duh.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008



2 Tone Runts, Gay Witch Abortion, Black Audience and The Nightinghales @ 7th Street Entry, 10 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Crooked Fingers and The Ugly Suit @ Turf Club, 12 bucks, 9:00.

Against Me!, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and Future of the Left @ First Avenue, $22.50, 5:30. (AA)

Jackson Browne @ Orpheum Theater, $59.50 - $39.50, 7:30.

How Birds Work @ Artists' Quarter, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Pretty Boy Thorson, MC/VL, Rope Trick and Cortez the Killer @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Rufus Wainwright and Sam McTavey @ State Theater, $42.00 - $32.00, 7:30.

Brother Ali @ Whole Music Club (Coffman), zero bucks, 7:30. (AA)

Plastic Chord, The Hasbeen, Kid Theodore and The Brutes @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Morning Society, Prozac Rat and Iye @ Eclipse, 7:00. (AA)

Strange Friends, Chokecherry, The Teeth, Spokes Hotrod and Gun Club @ Nomad World Pub.

Franco Funicello, Sleep is the Enemy and Capturing Virga @ Big V's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

The Moonrunners, Yellow Minnow and No Man Stranger @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Minus the Bear, The Annuals and Themes @ Varsity Theater, 18 bucks, 7:00. (18+)

Pretty Boy Thorson & The Fallen Angels, Choke Cherry, Amen & The Hell Yeahs and The Gateway District @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Alejandro Escovedo and The Satin Peaches @ Fine Line, 18/20 bucks, 7:30. (18+)

EMOT, The Wapsipinicon and No Bird Sing @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Digable Planets, Maria Isa and Cash I$ @ First Avenue, 18/20 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Tender Meat, Little Boxes and Zombie Season @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Deerhoof, Experimental Dental School and AU @ First Avenue, 12/14 bucks, 5:30. (AA)

David Byrne @ State Theater, $46.50-56.50, 7:30.

Teenage Bottlerocket, The Straight A's, The Yuckies and The Throwaways @ Triple Rock, 10 bucks, 5:00. (AA)

Valient Thorr, Black Tusk and Tweakbird @ 7th Street Entry, 10 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

James Buckley Trio @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Kill To Kill, Feral Children and The New Monarchs @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

The Acceleratii, Laundromat Vacation, run:stop:explode and Kevin Long @ Turf Club, 9:00.
James Buckley Trio @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Kill To Kill, Feral Children and The New Monarchs @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

The Acceleratii, Laundromat Vacation, run:stop:explode and Kevin Long @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Friday, October 10, 2008




Pit er Pat (Chicago), Mystery Palace and The Dad in Common @ The Whole (Coffman), 8:00.

Maps of Norway, Gospel Gossip, Unicorn Basement and Strut & Shock @ Turf Club, 9:00.

The Yoleus, Nicoffeine (from Germany), Fuckos and Eric Fifteen (of Party of One) @ Big V's, 9:00.

Magnetic Fields @ State Theater, $29.00 - $26.50, 8:00.

Sole & the Skyrider Band (from Arizona), Andrew Broder and MC/VL @ Uptown Bar, 8 bucks, 9:00.

Talib Kweli, David Banner and Little Brother @ First Avenue, 25 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Bayside, The Matches, Valencia and Status @ Triple Rock, 15 bucks, 5:00. (AA)

Mike Mictlan, Big Quarters and Noam the Drummer @ Eclipse, 5 bucks, 7:00. (AA)

Blue Worm Records 10 Year Anniversary with Dropnickel, All The Way Rider, The Scarlet Escape and Seconds Before @ Triple Rock, 6 bucks, 10:00.

Chooglin', Birthday Suits, Fatal Film (from Connecticut) and Daughters of the Sun @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Pierced Arrows and Red Pens @ 7th Street Entry, 7 bucks, 8:00.

High Crimes, White Witches of Richfield and Ryan Paul and the Ardent @ 400 Bar, 5 bucks, 8:00. (18+)


Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox), Muja Messiah, Cecil Otter and The Awkwords @ Turf Club, 7/10 bucks, 9:00. Advance tickets available at

Fleet Foxes and Frank Fairfield @ Cedar, 15 bucks, 5:00. (AA) Late show sold out.

Vampire Hands, Ruby Isle (with Mark Mallman), slow/dynamite (from New York), Fatal Film (from Connecticut) and DJ Clint Simonson @ Big V's, 6 bucks, 9:00.

Sirens of Titan, Buzzard, Luther The Devil and Blood Root Mother @ Uptown Bar, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Blue Worm Records 10 Year Anniversary with Casanatra, Redoverlunar, Sunday Flood and Kingfield @ 6 bucks, 9:00.

Blue Mountain and Rockford Mules @ 400 Bar, 10 bucks, 8:00.

Bella Koshka, Dissociate and Japhlet BA @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Economy Team followed by screening of Evil Dead 2 @ Uptown Theater, 11:45 doors, music at midnight, film to follow.


An Albatross, White Mice, Seawhores and Gay Witch Abortion @ 7th Street Entry, 8 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Stereolab, Monade and Le Loup @ First Avenue, 15 bucks, 7:30. (18+)

LOVER!, Sinks and Fuck Knights @ Turf Club, 9:00.

The Spirit of 76, City of Sound, The Person & The People, Go Nutz! and Farewell Continental @ 6 bucks, 5:00. (AA)

Merle Haggard @ Grand Casino Hinckley, 25-40 bucks, 6:00.

Thursday, October 9, 2008



Starfolk (ex-Hang Ups), Patches and Gretchen (CD Release) and The Tisdales (new band with Rich Mattson) @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Tina Fucking Turner (not a clever new band name; that lady just deserves a big ol' F-word when her name is spoken) @ Target Center, $59.50-152, 6:30. I'm not going. I don't know anyone who's going. But I bet it'll be a good show.

Shelley Short, Alexis Gideon and Lookbook @ 331 Club, zero bucks, 9:30.

Ah, Venice, Nobot, The Sextons and Tentacle Boy @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

The Teeth, The Forest and Handgun Man @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.


Screaming Females @ Castle Greyskull. This will be my fifth time seeing this band, and I'm as excited for #5 as I was blown away by #1. A video to seal the deal:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Support (Actually Rocking) Local Radio

Radio K has been celebrating it's 15th Anniversary for the past week or so. I started listening to Radio K when I was 12 years old, and considered it to be the nexus of rad throughout my high school years straight through the long period I worked for them in college. They're still the tops of rock radio up in here.

Tonight they are having their huge show in the Mainroom @ 8PM, with Dosh, Vampire Hands, Low & Sims. So go to the show and toss them some scrilla on top of it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ouija Radio has the most flyers for their show tonight at the Triple Rock (10:00), which I think is great so I'm not going to bother talking about any shows for tonight but theirs.

Saturday, October 4, 2008



Thee Oh Sees @ Treehouse Records, 6:00.

Thee Oh Sees, Skoal Kodiak, ADIDAS, Intelligence, Daughters of the Sun @ Turf Club, 7 bucks, 9:00.

Metallagher, 20 Dollar Love, In Defence and Torch the Spires @ Triple Rock, 10 bucks, 9:00.

HeatdeatH, Locrian, Maledicere @ Big V's.

Street Dogs, Time Again, Flatfoot 56 and The Framed @ Triple Rock, 14 bucks, 5:00. (AA)

Dallas Orbiter, Batteries, Self Help and Accelerated Love Affair @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Liz Phair @ First Avenue, 25 bucks, 7:00. (18+)

Talkdemonic, First Communion Afterparty, Yer Cronies @ 400 Bar, 8 bucks, 9:00. (18+)

Drunk Show Review 10/3/08 Triple Rock

Rather, sober review of notes written while drunk.

Magic Castles, The Dad In Common, Marvelle and The Knotwells
Triple Rock, Friday 10/3/08

Transcribed, glaring spelling and grammatical errors removed, and apologies in advance for changing verb tenses:

Knotwells: walked in a little late. My friend ditched me. Had to wait for her then finish my drink, that's my excuse. Goddamn it! I usually am not too worked up over missing any of the opening band but as soon as I walked in I sensed I shouldn't have waited on her ass - this band is fun! and not your typical crowd for an opener (read: a few disaffected girlfriends). I saw a floor of enthusiastic fans (hmm...though many of them female so perhaps these five dudes are popular with the ladies. Or old school LDSers). Anyhoo the crowd was big for an opener, and digging it. As for the music... I checked the old myspace to see if I could gather whether this was Knotwells or the 2nd band (I had waited for my deadbeat friend for a while y'know) - Knotwells. Their myspace description is apt - "Punk/Americana/Dub." Fun music, and the dudes looked like they were having a good time.

So far I am relatively sober. One Jameson down.

Marvelle: Thar's a fiddle up thar and someone doin' art. I don git it.

Are those bats or crows? Whoa and a moustachioed woman smoking weed? Two and a half Jamesons down.

Discussed going to Sodak for pheasant hunting with Patrick at the bar. Plans made for late October.

Dad In Common: I can't comment at length because of conflict of interest, but I'll say that the first time I saw them, at the Hex, they mentioned something about how they hardly ever leave Northeast, and that made me sad. Suffice it to say, they are good and you should check them out. Dynamic. Mellow. Good musicians. Again, conflict of interest. I won't gush over my good friend and colleague.

Another Jameson down.

Notice how my reviews get substantially shorter as the night wears on? It's because I'm drunk and I'm gonna go get laid!

As such, I'm ducking out before

Magic Castles: play. But I've seen them before, at that late Entry show during the RNC. They are good, I endorse them - K I'm off to find sex and more drinks and perhaps a cab or magic car now. Bye!

Postscript: I hate doing show reviews. But if you request a drunk show review, I will happily deliver.

Friday, October 3, 2008



The Blind Shake, Intellegence, Mute Era and Zombie Season @ Turf Club, 9:00.

Marvelle, Magic Castles, The Dad In Common and The Knotwells @ Triple Rock, 6 bucks, 10:00.

Margaret Lane, Lookbook, Red Pens and Honeyfuck @ Big V's, 9:00.

Plastic Chord, Secret Panels, The Staring Contest and The Central Division @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Falconcrest, Strut and Shock, The Guystorm and The Vignettes @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, Martin Devaney and Wallace Wylie @ 7th St Entry, 10 bucks, 8:00. (18+)

Robotboy, Careers in Modeling, The Notties and Clawthroat @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Breathe Carolina, Every Avenue, Brokencyde and The Morning Of @ Triple Rock, 12 bucks, 5:00. (AA)

Hello Stranger @ Dulono's.

The Central Division @ Eclipse, 4 bucks, 7:00.

A Night in the Box, The Floorbirds, Meg Ashling @ Whole Music Club (Coffman), 7:30.

Kenny Rogers @ Mystic Lake, 47-59 bucks, 8:00.

Economy Team, Power of 2 and middlepicker @ Nomad, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Storyhill @ the Cedar, 22/25 bucks, 8:00.

Weezer and Tokyo Police Club @ Xcel Energy Center, 40-50 bucks, 7:00.

Thursday, October 2, 2008




Chuck Klosterman reading from his new book Downtown Owl: A Novel and E.L.nO. @ Triple Rock, 8 bucks, 7:00.

Slapping Purses, Ghostband and Banana Bomb @ 331 Club, zero bucks, 9:00.

My Morning Jacket @ Orpheum Theatre, 36 bucks, 8:00.

, Junkyard Empire and The Sleeper Pins @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Three and Tub Ring @ 7th Street Entry, 10 bucks, 8:00.

Fuck Knights, Black Time (UK), Nightinghales, Real Numbers and The Sleaze @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.


Kenny Rogers is playing Mystic Lake tomorrow night, 8 sharp. There are still tickets left, $47-59.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Not much going on in town tonight, so here's a great photo from last night's RRIICCEE show at the Turf Club. That's Vincent Gallo's band. The band played for about an hour, and the show was done before 11. We only caught the last ten minutes, so I can't really comment on whether it was worth the $15 door. Hey, that's the price you pay to be close to fame. Also, check out info on a benefit show below.

Benefit for Brian Leighton who was recently diagnosed with cancer, featuring the GB Leighton Band (sans Brian, who is resting following surgery) @ Bunkers, 8:00. Silent auction including trip to Acapulco.