Tuesday, September 30, 2008



RRIICCEE (that'd be Vincent Gallo's band) @ Turf Club, 15 bucks, 8:00.

Chris Thomson Trio @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Builders and Butchers, International Espionage!, Travis and Jonny and Joe January @ 400 Bar, 8 bucks, 8:00.

Beck and MGMT @ Roy Wilkins, $37.50, 7:30.

The Eagles @ Target Center, 52-187 bucks, 7:30.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Benefit for Justin Nouffer

to assist with medical bills as he bravely fights cancer.


Ouija Radio
Orange Blank
Country Dollar Love


Club Underground
7 bucks
4:00 doors, music starts around 5:00

Several prizes to be raffled including guitar and studio time. Chair massages early.

We're raffling off some scent-masking deodorant and other hunting-related goodies. You need some scent-masking deodorant. You smell like person.

Friday, September 26, 2008



Chrome/Helios Creed, Gay Witch Abortion, Sarah Johnson and Gentleman Bandits @ Turf, 10 bucks, 9:00.

Speed's The Name, Guystorm and Clawthroat @ Kitty Cat Klub, 5 bucks.

THEMES, Dirty Hits and CONDO$ @ 7th St Entry, 6 bucks, 8:00.

Baroness, Bison and Building Better Bombs @ Triple Rock, 12 bucks, 5:00.

God Damn Doo Wop Band, Bust!, Cortez the Killer and Elephant Gun @ Triple Rock, 6 bucks, 10:00.

Ryan Paul and the Ardent, The Reinvent, Kurt Vatland and Jan @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Dosh & Tim Glenn and Andrew Broder @ 331 Club, zero bucks, 9:00.

These Modern Socks, Seymore Saves The World and The Wapsipinicon @ The Uptown, 6 bucks, 9:00.

Lazer Forever, Ten Ton Bridge, Batteries and Wannabe Hasbeens @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Hanson, The Veronicas and Everybody Else @ First Ave, 25/30 bucks, 8:00.

Thursday, September 25, 2008



The Chambermaids, Gospel Gossip, Skipper! and Whitesand/Badlands @ Turf Club, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Sigur Rós and Parachutes @ Orpheum, 49.50 - 37.50 bucks, 8:00.

Buckethead and That1Guy @ First Ave, 18/20 bucks, 6:00.

Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble and The New Music Machine @ Whole Music Club (Coffman Union, UMN), zero bucks, 7:30.

Shores of the Tundra, Aseethe, Everest, Castle and Blue Ox @ the Uptown, zero bucks, 9:00.

Hojas Rojas, Zoo Animals, Wizards Are Real and Inwood Radio @ Hexagon Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

The Shamen, Arson Plus, Collapsticator and Sheephead @ Big V's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



MONOTONIX, Call Me Lightning, Gay Witch Abortion and The Guystorm @ Uptown Bar, 6 bucks, 9:00.

You know how I feel about Gay Witch Abortion, so this is the only show I'm posting for the day.

That's my cover for the fact that I'm too busy to post anything else right now. Sorry! Go look at Switchblade Comb or More Cowbell if you want to learn about excellent shows also happening at the Turf or Triple Rock or even Red Stag, as these are both excellent local music blogs and there are indeed good shows happening tonight at those venues. If you feel I've let you down stop by my house and I'll make you some deer or elk sausage, 'kay?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Madam Editor, We welcome you home!



I'm back, and now I've got a freezer full of venison.

Life is good. And here's some stuff that makes today great.

Also please read to the very bottom for information about an event you should all attend on Saturday. Stuffed Pheasant is donating a gift basket and there will be other prizes as well with some great bands to boot, but above all, it's for a good cause.


HURRICANE AT THE AVENUE: EMERGENCY HURRICANE RELIEF FOR CUBA with Tropical Zone, Charanga Tropical, Wain McFarlane & Jahz, Maria Isa, La Nina Rivera, Rene Thompson Cuban Dance Group and Social Dance Studios @ First Ave, 10 bucks, 7:00, 18+.

James Buckley Trio @ Kitty Cat Klub.

The Funeral and the Twilight, Grey Skies and The New Up @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Darius Rucker (CD Release) @ Cabooze, 15 bucks, 6:00. Darius Rucker is countrified now! Free CD with ticket purchase.

Dark Meat and Shy @ 7th St Entry, 8 bucks, 8:00, 18+.

And plan ahead for Saturday

Benefit for Justin Nuoffer to assist with medical bills as he fights cancer, with Chooglin', Ouija Radio, Casanatra, Orange Blank, Condo$, Country Dollar Love and Landspeeder @ Club Underground, 7 bucks, 4:00 doors. Several prizes to be raffled including a guitar and free studio time.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Building Better Bombs, Cecil Otter & Friends @ Uptown Bar

A Place to Bury Strangers @ Triprock

Roe Family Singers @ 331

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank Fucking Christ It's Friday

Economy Team CD Release w/ Military Special, Me & My Arrow, JupiterOne & DJ Radio Speak @ Uptown Bar

Ratatat @ First Ave. Mainroom

Doug Benson @ Acme Comedy Club (is this guy going to leave soon? I'm sick of his name everywhere)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Dillinger Four, Scared of Chaka, Off With Their Heads, The Dynamiters @ 7th St. Entry

Neko Case @ The Mainroom

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip @ The Triprock

Prozac Rat @ The Hex

Sans Pants, Systolic @ Stasiu's

SCENEaSOTA @ The 331

The Dollys @ Lee's Liquor Lounge

Competitive Improv @ Comedysportz

Also, if any loose chicks want to see Peter Pan or The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe at the Children's Theater with me, I'm buying. Pic:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In taxidermy news, local buttrockers Economy Team enlisted the spiritual aid of veteran stuffed-animal-professional Jack, of Jack's Taxidermy in Coon Rapids, in advance of their new album. They sought out Jack for guidance, in the tradition of Maharishi Mahesh, looking for answers to the questions we all ask from time-to-time; clean caping techniques, choosing between dorsal or flat-cut incisions, and whether your trophy's hide is well enough preserved for a full mount or only suitable for shoulder mounting. "It's not so much answers we were looking for, but rather a calming of our questions, if that makes sense," said Dylan, drummer for the band. After shotgunning Bud tallboys and taking aim at some clay pigeons during an introductory morning, Jack gave them all traditional rhino hide murder capes, in which to meditate on how frustratingly alive most animals are. "They are only as dead as you see them be, with your mind's eye," said Jack during their final meeting. "Always carry a rifle."

Truer words never spake.

Economy Team play their CD release show on Friday at the Uptown Bar.

City Pages feature on Ecoteam

Hump Day Haps

Neil Hamburger @ The Triple Rock

All You Need Is Love Beatles Tribute to Benefit Free Arts MN @ 1st Ave. Mainroom

Small White, The Shivering Fits @ 7th St. Entry

Ceili @ Midtown Global Market, 6:30pm

The Death Comedy Jam @ Grumpy's Dwntn

Cruxshadows @ The Varsity (spoOooOky)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today Is Tuesday, Which Reminds Me of Thursday

Cheap Trick, Journey, Heart @ Target Center

Jeremy Messersmith @ Electric Fetus, 7pm

Cut Copy, The Presets @ Fine Line

Back to School Battle of the Bands @ Trocadero's

The Funeral and the Twilight, Zombie Season @ Big V's

Whitechapel, Through the Eyes of the Dead @ TripRock

Cadillac Kolstad & The Flats
@ Rossi's Blue Star Room (?)

The Hidden World of Bears: Photography by Lynn Rogers @ Bell Museum

Monday, September 15, 2008

Corn Redux

I had the pleasure of running my pale corpus through Sever's Corn Maze today. The maze is like if El Dorado was real, and made of gold made of corn. Me and my girlfriend made love amidst the fragrance of dusty dirt and varmint feces, feeding each other raw stalk and grubs found within soggy logs and beneath Minnesota farmstone. As we lay under a greying azure sky, the sound of children giggling seemed mere meters away. It felt right. And as we dressed ourselves, like a bullet through the brain it struck me that sometimes life makes it clear to you that it's all downhill from here. I love you, my little maize (that's corn in Mexican) princess.

I've Got a Case of The Jubilances

Lecture on Art & Popular Culture
with Diyan Achjadi, Michela Griffo & Frenchy Lunning @ MCAD Auditorium, 6:30

Uptown Bar Record Party @ The Uptown Bar with vinyl record

Trivia with Dessa @ The Nomad, 8pm

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fuck Music Let's Play In Corn

Zebulon Pike, Dosh @ The Triple Rock, 9pm

Solid Gold, Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles, Birthday Suits, A Night in the Box @ The MMAA

The Nina! The Pinta!, Sister Krishna @ The Uptown

Dance Band, A Paper Cup Band @ The Kitty Cat Klub

Loft Poetry Festival @ The Lost Literary Center

Lisa Loeb @ Hyland Park Reserve

Shafer Corn Maze @ The Shafer Corn Maze

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Out-There-In-The-World

Menstrual Tramps, Scabs @ Eclipse Records, 7pm

Speed's the Name, National Bird, Boom Boom's for Everyone @ TripRock, 10pm

A Night in the Box, The Brass Kings @ Lee's

Brimstone Howl, Private Dancer, Fuck Knights @ Turf

Lookbook @ Club Jager

City on the Make, Capitol City Soul Tones, Modern Fonts @ 400 bar

Mute Era, Haunted House @ The Hex

Everest @ The Beat

Motorhead, Valient Thorr @ The Myth

They Might Be Giants @ 1st Ave.

Jet @ Barfly. Is this Jet, like those testicular-looking ragamuffins from New Zealand or whatever that don't have an original bone in their body? Those guys fucking suck.

Thursday, September 11, 2008



This will be my last message to you all for a while, as I am traveling west to catch the last two weeks of Black Hills Archery Elk Season. My esteemed colleague Flanagan will keep you apprised of local goings-on in my absence, and I will share my gamey, meaty bounty with you all upon my return.

Tattoo Bob's Birthday Bash Benefit with Daughters of the Sun, Personhurter, Blue Magick, Kill to Kill and Condo$$ @ Hexagon, zero bucks (but come on, drop some donations for our friend Tattoo Bob's ongoing medical expenses!), 9:00.

Friends of Burt Reynolds @ Kitty Cat Klub.

The Fratellis, Airborne Toxic Event and Electric Touch @ First Ave, 16 bucks, 5:30.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Dr. Manhattan @ 7th St Entry, 10 bucks, 8:00.

The Red Flags, Golden Chariots from Mars and Sons of Gloria @ Stasiu's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Unicorn Basement (CD Release), MC/VL, Kitten Forever and Gospel Gossip @ Triple Rock, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Yachts and Planes, National Bird, Young Brides and The Central Division @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Knife World, Gay Witch Abortion, Little Claw and Eat Skull @ Big V's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Noise Quean Ant, Hondo, Blue Magick and Hunting Club @ Turf Club, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Prozac Rat, Morning Society and Velvet Davenport @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

Langhorne Slim with Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls and Wayne Hussey @ 400 Bar, 12 bucks, 8:00.

Aby Wolf, Lowry and Luke Zimmerman @ Acadia, 5 bucks, 9:00.

KFAI House Party with Davina and The Vagabonds (CD Release, 7:00), and Unguided/The Teeth with Joel Pickard (9:00) @ 331 Club, zero bucks.

Plastic People of the Universe @ the Cedar Cultural Center, 15/18 bucks, 7:00.

Ice Cube @ Myth, 33/35 bucks, 7:00.

Smokey Bogart, Bonaphide, Die(ode) and Phydelics @ the Fineline, free ticket at website, 7:00.

Emerson, Lake & Lyndale and Brent Adair @ Terminal Bar, 3 bucks, 9:00.

ReadyGoes, Future Antiques and T Minus Ten @ Triple Rock, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008



Please take note, and also mark my words: one year from tonight, that's one year from tonight, nine bands will play at the Hexagon Bar and perhaps also at Big V's or Memory Lanes, probably also at the Uptown Bar, in honor of the date.

Vampire Hands Variety Hour/7" Release Show with Invisible Boy, Peppermint Coffins, Ryan Harris and Pet.s @ Turf Club/Clown Lounge, zero bucks, 9:00.

James Buckley Trio @ Kitty Cat Klub.

Whathaveyous, Small White and A Happy Gatsby @ Big V's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Dandy Warhols, Darker My Love and The Upsidedown @ First Ave, 25 bucks, 8:00.

Apollo, The Golden Chariots of Mars, Tri Star City and Run:Stop:Explode @ Fine Line, 3 bucks (or free on Fine Line's website), 7:00.

Beautiful buttons are We GNG

Is that art or what? Next Gastro Non Grata is ready to go, Sunday November 7th at the Triple Rock Social Club from 6ish to 9ish, maybe longer we don't know. But who cares? It's free.

We're starting off with a strings version of Hojas Rojas, then introducing Furthermore Brewing's head of all globalistic sales Chris Staples and head brewer Aran Madden. They're going to pour beer and talk about it. Then we introduce Mike Philips of The Craftsman restaurant on Lake St. in MPLS. He's going to tell what he's cooking off the menu for his first sample course during the first set of music.

Meat Raffle.

Tuesday's Robot takes the stage with their folk/rockability and makes the music happen while Mike cooks vittles. Then we eat the food and drink a beer that Aran and Chris have chosen to compliment the food. Then
The Wapsipinicon with members of Skirt and Cloud Cult are going to bring the folky folk music while Mike cooks his second course, which rather than a fancy item from his menu will be what he makes for himself when he gets home after a too long night of kamikazi's, energy drinks and grain belt bullets.

Meat Raffle

We feast on Mike's late night sample dish and keep on drinking.

Private Dancer takes the stage and continues to rock like they were born 30 years ago before everyone had a hair stylist.

Maybe a meat raffle?

Everyone goes home happy and hopefully bought a poster or some buttons so the people behind the show can actually break even for once.

Monday, September 8, 2008

2 Months & Counting!!!

Hey Gang,

It's your old pal, KHO Appreciator! I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I'm doing fine. I'm currently working on a few things that I'm sure will please all of you outdoorsmen and local music fans out there.

Stay tuned this week as I unveil the second poem in my "Water Dogs: Poetry in Motion" series! **SPOILER: All you Gerald Ford fans out there will find this one doubly moving!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for "America's Hockey Mom", my piece on GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.

But while you're waiting for these and other treats from the Stuffed Pheasant staff, why not spend a little time reflecting on the forthcoming season opener? We've only got two months to go!

(My nephews, Skyler & Zach, bagged this one last fall, right in the backyard!)



The Slats, System & Station, Mise En Place and Tim Rally Gold @ Triple Rock, 9:00.

Jazz Implosion @ Turf Club (Clown Lounge), 5 bucks, 9:00.

Romantica @ Barbette, zero bucks, 10:00.

Record Party @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00. Promises all vinyl DJs, no Eagles and no Phil Collins. $1.75 Grain Belt taps, $2.50 PBR and Highlife bottles. No Phil Collins? Fuck that.

Saturday, September 6, 2008



Mel Gibson and the Pants, Wars of 1812 and Zoo Animal @ Kitty Cat Klub, 5 bucks, 9:00.

The Evening Rig, Prairie Sons and The Dirty Hits @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

The No-No's, The Falls, The Bloody Turncoats, They Live! and The Infidels @ Eclipse Records, 5 bucks, 7:00.

Lowertown Music Festival continues with The Melismatics (7:45) and Chris Koza (8:45) @ Mears Park, zero bucks.

Friday, September 5, 2008



Planned Parenthood Benefit with The Vignettes, Sharp Teeth, Totally Harsh and Hunting Club @ Eclipse Records, 6 bucks, 7:00. Note that I have made this entry bold because I want you all to go. Hunting Club is a good name, and this is a good cause.

Lookbook, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie and Brutal Becomings @ 331 Club, zero bucks, 9:00.

Lowertown Music Festival with Roma di Luna 5:00, Romantica 6:00, Minnesota Opera 7:15, Haley Bonar 8:45 @ Mears Park, zero bucks, continuing through Sunday.

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, Bouncer Fighter, Switzerlind and Joey Ryan and the Inks @ Turf, 9:00.

Brad Senne @ Cafe Maude, zero bucks, 9:00.

Running Scared, The Rank Strangers and The Shortcuts @ the Nomad, 5 bucks, 9:00.

Cavehorse, Northern Cargo, Huge American Champion, Falcon Arrow and The Voidest @ Big V's, 5 bucks, 9:00.

The Sleeper Pins (CD Release), Trio Tipo, Derek Helland (of the Teeth) and Wallace Wylie @ Acadia, zero bucks, 8:00.

Neil Sedaka @ Grand Casino Mille Lacs, 30-36 bucks, 7:30. Also Saturday, same time.

High On Stress (CD Release), Romantica, Snaps and Slim Dunlap @ Fine Line, 6 bucks, 8:00.

Solid Gold, Tussle and Mystery Palace @ Uptown Bar, 7 bucks, 9:00.

Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons, Plastic Chord, Chokecherry and The Hasbeen @ the Hex, zero bucks, 9:00.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

7th Street Entry - Party 'til 4!


7th Street Entry, 6 bucks, 9:00.








If you need a break from the music, venture out into the bars and clubs of downtown to schmooze with the Republicans. Just keep your nose clean - the police, if you haven't noticed, are watching.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008



Billy Bragg (5:00), Chris Koza (6:00) and One For The Team (2:30) @ Electric Fetus, zero bucks.

Wake Up World with The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, featuring Billy Bragg, Martin Devaney and Jim Walsh @ Parkway Theater, 25 bucks, 7:00.

Rage Against the Machine and Anti-Flag @ Target Center, 60 bucks, 7:30.

Dale Watson and Becky Thompson and Old School @ Lee's Liquor Lounge, 15 bucks, 9:00.

The Guystorm, The Coast (Toronto) and shoreline @ Uptown Bar, zero bucks, 9:00.

MuxMool vs. Big Quarters @ Turf, 9:00.

Thinking About the Rage Against the Machine Afterparty Makes My Eyes Itchy.


Were you down at the Capitol for the Ripple Effect concert today? It was initially pretty darn rainy and windy and cold but eventually the sun made an appearance as did, uh, yeah, Rage Against the Machine.

These dudes weren't billed, but the crowd started buzzing during Anti-Flag's set that they would be putting on an impromptu performance. After what looked like the makings of a publicity stunt to be featured in the extras of a "RAGE BATTLE OVER THE RNC!!!" live DVD, the police wouldn't let Rage take the stage, and so Zack de la Rocha came out into the crowd, instructed everyone to put their rear ends down on the ground, and then sang into a bullhorn while Tom Morello vocalized his guitar parts. Wah wah-wah wah-wah-wah-wah ba ba chicka Wah wah-wah wah-wah-wah-wah ba ba chicka. And so on. Then the crowd followed them out into the streets to march down toward the convention. Well, those of us who aren't afraid of getting tear-gassed. Have you ever been tear-gassed, man? It sucks. So when I saw the Capitol being circled by cops in riot gear I came home to, you know, write in my blog like a big fat pussy.

City Pages has an on-the-ground account of what happened next. Sounds like there's a big ol' protest going on, and alternative media are reporting that people are indeed about to get tear-gassed.

I'm going to make myself some spaghetti now. Rage totally rules! Woo-hoo!


Ripple Effect Festival Today!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Haps

Saint Paul goes to shit. Downtown was closed for visitation today, 114 felony charges. See you tomorrow! I'm making food for Sheryl Crow and Dead Prez. Huh?