Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I don't know if Don Williams noodles

But I do know he has the finest voice in all of country music, is a giant, and can play the funk out of some funky country, as proven in his 1982 rendition of "Tulsa Time."

Don is playing Mystic on Thursday November 4, and Black Bear Casino Friday November 5, which is the day before my birthday so I think I'll go to that one in lieu of going to see Crystal Gayle at O'Shaughnessy on Saturday November 6, my actual date of birth, as (pssssst) I hear her show at O'Shaughnessy is affiliated with an admittedly "pro-life" organization that provides financial resources to pregnant and new mothers as part of their mission, which "believe(s) in the sanctity of all human life...to encourage life by providing financial aid to women and babies in crisis, especially those women who might not choose life because of financial pressures."

A noble endeavor, to be sure, but still, I'm willing to bet the organization is a little sketchy, and besides that, girlfriend's a Republican. Yeah, so Merle Haggard is a Republican and I'd go see him in a heartbeat, unless of course the proceeds of his show were going to the purchase of PackNPlays for new mothers with the understanding that the mother's lack of a PackNPlays is the sole reason she may otherwise choose to have an abortion. Then I might not go see Merle. That's just dumb.

Anyway, what with girlfriend being as red as the blood of a fresh Nugent kill, and with her using the proceeds of her concert to ensure expecting mothers choose to carry and birth their children, children they then place in free PackNPlays, those PackNPlays providing that essential safety net that causes the mother to go "hmmmm...maybe I don't have to have an abortion, now that I have a free PackNPlay!"...aaaaaaaand I think I'd rather not be in that audience. And that audience might not want me in it. And especially on my birthday. I was an unplanned pregnancy, and my mother chose to carry and then birth me, on November 6, 30 years to the day before Crystal Gayle played the O'Shaughnessy. But she had a damned choice, and it wasn't influenced by someone giving her a damned free PackNPlay.

What is a PackNPlay anyway? They didn't have PackNPlays in 1980. They had scary play "pens" with netted siding (choking hazard when torn) and metal crank type mechanisms for lowering its sides (pinching hazard when cranked).

So - birthday party. Don Williams. Tulsa Time. Here's a guy noodling in Tulsa. Watch 'til the end. You'll be glad you did.

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