Friday, July 31, 2009

Live Music/Dead Meat 2

Ho boy! Are we excited about our next installment of Live Music/Dead Meat.

Allow me to justify our excitement.

For one, the bands are just, like, a perfect fit and will guarantee a raucous evening of fun. First up is Communist Daughter, followed by 10w40, then a little Old James and finally, The Guystorm end out the night.

In case the cause for all this hubbub isn't self-evident, I'll now point out that Johnny of Communist Daughter, also of The Boxcar Restaurant in Prescott, WI, will be grillin' up catfish after his set. Exciting! 10w40, well, they just straight-up rock and if you don't know it then you've been hangin' out at the wrong rural bars and farm parties. Also exciting! And, hold on to your cowboy boots here - Old James plays, like, twice a year. And one 'a those times is usually in Texas. We're bringing 'em back up here just for you, because we love them and we love you. And The Guystorm played our inaugural LM/DM show and rocked the Turf on a Wednesday night. Far be it from us to even anticipate what they're gonna do on a Saturday at the Nomad with a bunch'a party dudes back from the damned Lone Star State. Yee haw and such.

Also exciting - complimentary catfish and game meat tastings. Duh.

And fishing giveaways!

Aw shit. If you aren't convinced yet, I GIVE UP.

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